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The Food Research Center CIAL (Centro de Investigación de Alimentos – CIAL) belongs to the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences of Universidad UTE, it was born in 2009 as an initiative to investigate and innovate in the area of food. Currently, it is made up of 3 multidisciplinary scientific research groups in food science and technology that carry out their activities throughout the entire food production and consumption chain. Special interest is maintained in the improvement of food products and their processes, as well as in post-harvest technologies as a measure to preserve the quality of food, on the other hand, activities for the evaluation of food safety and authenticity are developed.

The CIAL is characterized by incorporating in its activities members of the academy (teachers and students), producers, government entities (research institutes, control agencies, ministries, among others) and also the main needs of consumers, this with the purpose of investigating real and demanding problems for society and nature.  All os this will allow generating innovative solutions to contribute to the efficient and sustainable provision of food in the country and that are projectable to the entire world.


Lines of investigation:

Food safety and authenticity; and food processing.


Our mission is to investigate the basic and applied aspects of food science, technology, and engineering, using innovative technical criteria, promoting the participation of the academy, public and private entities and considering society and the environment as beneficiaries.


To be leaders in the region, in basic and applied research in the field of food.


People involved:


Director: Luis Ramos

Teaching Technician: Michelle Guijarro

Investigation groups:

Inocuidad y Autenticidad de Alimentos – INAIN

  • Leader: Luis Ramos
  • Patricia Garrido
  • Juan Bravo
  • Francisco Flores

Investigación en Calidad y Tecnología Poscosecha – ICATEP

  • Leader: María José Andrade
  • Carlota Moreno
  • Christian Alcívar
  • Michelle Guijarro
  • Silvana Cuaspud

Procesamiento de Alimentos

  • Leader: Elena Beltrán
  • Carlos González
  • Manuel Coronel
  • Gabriel Mariño
  • María José Guerrero
  • Tatiana Quintana
  • María Belén Jácome
  • Edison Matute

We are located at Universidad UTE`s Occidental Campus:

  • Block I, Ofice I25 & I27
  • Block G, Planta Piloto de Alimentos


Dr. Luis Ramos Guerrero

Director – Centro de Investigación de Alimentos – CIAL

Phone: (02) 2990800 ext. 2628


Ing. Michelle Guijarro

Technician – Centro de Investigación de Alimentos – CIAL

Phone.: (02) 2990800 ext. 2628